meet Kunal Dudeja

I am honored and delighted to be collaborating with Kunal. He is kind, gentle, super knowledgeable, amazingly intuitive and talented.

You will love him.   ~ Suzy


Kunal Dudeja always wondered why people would detour from their ordinary course and become a different person until his own calling hit him, and he was a changed person!


For 14 years, he worked in the IT and Outsourcing industry. He could have churned out a brilliant career with big name badges like CitiGroup, Accenture, and BNP Paribas to his credentials, and being lauded for extraordinary performance at many times. Still, something within him always nudged him to think otherwise.  His life, his energy, his heart spoke to him that he was not born to embrace the computer screen, but to make a difference in people’s lives.


It was the spring of December 2017. Kunal followed his heart, his calling, and stepped into the world of energy healing!


He could connect with people’s emotions and be one with them.  Somehow, he always knew that he could ‘heal,’ and this feeling metamorphized him into being an Energy Healer.


He conducts energy transformation sessions and workshops with simplicity, love & humility, also believing in training people to make them capable of healing themselves.


As Healing comes to him naturally, his work catapulted him to achieving:

  • Making a difference in the lives of 500+ people and still counting.

  • Empowering 50+ people as Energy Transformers/ Healers, and continues

  • Creating own healing modality which was launched on 31st March 2020.

  • Completing 30+ projects of Healing Homes and offices for Abundance, and being reached out frequently.

Though transforming people’s inner world, and consciousness has been an integral part of his Healing, he went ahead to gather more knowledge, trained and acquired expertise as:

Star Magic Healing Facilitator in India, Access Bars Practitioner, Access Energetic Facelift Practitioner, Lama Fera Practitioner, Office & Home Entity Healer, Angel Medicine Practitioner, Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner, Switch-words Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Reiki Master (3A), Psychic Healer, Angel Card Reader



Kunal Dudeja has set exceptionally high standards in delivering and providing positive results. Maintaining a complete balanced emotional and mental state is the key to success for doing the right things at the right time, and this is something that Kunal has always kept in high regard.

Kunal's workshops:


Balancing Male and Female Energies in the Body

21 Kwan Yin Healing Codes and Attunement


Life Energy Healing