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Healing Circle

Join Suzy Woo, international spiritual healer/medical intuitive, for this special opportunity to connect with other curious and like-minded people. Have your energy read and receive some deep-level healing in a beautiful, small group setting. 

Date:  Wednesday April 13, 2022 

Time:  6:30-8pm

Location: Good for the Spirit Gifts, 11 Martha St, Ellicottville 14731

Tickets: $50

Join us for a mind-blowing experience guaranteed to be like nothing you've ever experienced before!

Learn a little bit about how medical intuitive reading and energy healing really works.  FEEL and receive the pure, combined love of your ancestors, spirit guides, angels, ascended masters and loved ones as your heart opens and your headache melts away, the pain in your knee wanes, or your brain fog lifts!

Suzy will read your energy field, and explain what is there. What happens next is up to you. If you wanted a second opinion and that's it, you can take that information and enjoy the rest of the evening with us, or Suzy can move, balance, pull out and/or remove whatever energies need to be.

All can appreciate, emphasize, and hold space during each individual's spotlighted time, and many will be able to FEEL what is going on. Some of you may SEE or may HEAR angels and other beings of light .. there is a strong possiblity you may receive your own divine messages during this night too!


When energies are multiplied such as in a group, the magnitude of the healing field increases several-fold!  This helps nurture and support powerful healing in a brief time. :)

FEEL what energy healing feels like and have the chance to discuss and ask questions.

This is a great opportunity for a confirmation, validation or second opinion on something bothering you.  This is truly something entertaining but so fascinating to watch because it is real in real time. These are your neighbors, friends, coworkers, family members with real life experiences who receive live on the spot healing right before your eyes. You KNOW there are no smoke and mirrors, this is energy medicine at its finest.


It is not magic, it is supernatural and YOU are a supernatural human being, you are also capable of learning how to heal yourself and others! It can be labeled as metaphysical because it is "beyond physics" but let me also tell you that consciousness can impact physics and this is exactly that!  

NO EXPERIENCE OR PRIOR KNOWLEDGE NEEDED. Super cool, fun and fascinating! 

We will conclude the evening with a remarkable group healing so you all leave on a glorious high note! :)

Pre-Registration is necessary as we are limiting this to just 11 participants. Tickets are $50. 

Paying it forward.

 Many people who have come into the shop, to look around, I noticed are in dire need of healing because of the environment they were born into and the constant attacks from the powers the be.  From my observations those in the greatest need are highly sensitive college-age students, and empaths. I have helped these beautiful individuals in the shop and the need is great. If you were ever a college student, I'm sure you remember having a really skinny wallet, and finding creative ways to get by. 

If you have the means, please sponsor a seat. It can be for someone you know or not. Just enter either the person's name of "pay it forward" in the "message to seller" comment field or in a separate email to


I am more than happy to bring a healing circle or meditation class, gong bath/sound immersion, lecture about choosing joy over stress and how to do that, protecting one's energy, confidence training, team/managers day of healing, or group healing to your work place. Email me to discuss and arrange




Tickets are nonrefundable. 

Disclaimer: This event or any instructions given are not a substitute for licensed professional advice or care. Participating is at your own risk. Check with your doctor or medical professional to see if energy medicine is right for you. See Legal page for additional assumptions.


Real words from real people who  were there!

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