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Workshop: Get unstuck and smile again

Saturday March 28   11am-2pm 


Quaker Professional Center

3623 Eggert Rd, Ste 203, Orchard Park 14127                           $45


Going through life we get slammed with hardships and struggles, and settle. Sometimes, we don't bounce back. We stop dreaming and smile less. We become complacent, stuck, tired, and numb. We get sick, depressed, and/or have anxiety, and can't muster the strength to see our way out.


If you are ready to get your hope back, if you WANT TO SMILE again, to feel joy in your heart again, increase your vitality and raise your energy.... then don't miss this class.


Understand what happens in the mind and allow the sights, aromas, textures and sounds awaken forgotten senses and rekindle joy that should be a huge part of daily living. This workshop will help bring you out of stagnance. Rediscover yourself. LOVE and respect who you are and show the rest of the world how to love and respect you too. This impacts ALL areas of your life.


Holistic living, psychotherapy and vibration-based workshop. Not a substitute for medical advice.


Limited to 10 attendees. Please reserve in advance to ensure we don't oversell. Once 10 people have paid, we will update as sold out.   Tickets: $45



All sales final, no refunds          BUY NOW


You can bring a bottle of water and I will have bottled water available. Please NO coffee or drinks of color. Only water. Please refrain from bringing food, wearing perfumes, strong scents, and please do not bring young children. Please dress comfortably and not to impress. Please come as you are, have an open mind and be ready for some new insights that will change your life!


This is coming from someone who gave up on herself for 22 years as a victim of domestic violence who is now leading workshops and healing people around the world.

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