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Whether you are in western New York, Australia, Germany or the Ukraine, you can work with Suzy and receive the same vibrant result!

When I connect with your energy, I am shown your energetic story: your karmic lessons and unhealed traumas; whether from childhood or past lifetimes.

I can also sense physical hindrances, emotional scarring, negative thought forms, energetic parasites and entities.  

I narrate to you as I dislodge, release and remove these energies from your field. This modality does not wear off like Reiki does. I use the best of the best from my vast spiritual tool box for you.  Each person has a personalized, individual experience. No two sessions are the same. 

This work helps you understand yourself, and affirms you're not weird or crazy.

You are absolutely perfect!



A reading can include astrology, life purpose, tarot reading for life situation guidance, and/or mediumship (communication with the spirit world); and often can include having a glimpse into your past lives. Also great for insight on best dates to have surgery, to move, get a better job etc.


Specialty Readings

Deep Energy Healing

This unique healing modality is significantly more powerful than Reiki and unlike Reiki it does not wear off. This work is cumulative. With any subsequent healing sessions we get to go deeper every time!

Bundle Specials

Gong Sound Bath/Sound Immersion

Gong therapy is amazing. Real Napalese gongs have beautiful sustaining tones that take you to a sacred place. Excellent for those who can't get out of their head, this is a true and measured heart opening experience. You feel it vibrate every cell of your entire being. Nothing's quite like it! 

Coming Soon: Combined Light, Sound and PEMF Hot Stone Therapy

(Crystal Healing Therapy Bed treatment)

Booking info

The easiest way to book your session is via email. Since I see clients all day, I don't have much down time to return phone calls.  You can call and leave a message but I may not get back to you very quickly. Email is preferred -

If you are local and coming into the office, you can pay for your session upon completion.

If you are not local or wish to have your session via Zoom, then please purchase it first by using the above drop-down menu.  I will then reply to you via email to schedule your appointment.

Working with me is a fun, uplifting experience. No judgment. No doom and gloom. I am direct and no-nonsense, friendly and compassionate. No flair, no drama, I'm here to help you to heal, grow and evolve. 

I explain everything at the ground level, plain and simple, so you never feel intimidated or lost.  

My goal is to help you to empower yourself.

See terms, conditions and disclaimers at the bottom of this page. By booking with me, you agree to and accept these these terms and conditions. 


Services are non-refundable.  If you have any questions, please click here to email me.

Tips, Gifts, or Donations   

I often donate time or sessions to people in substance abuse recovery or re-establishing their life after domestic violence. 

You can purchase a service and just let me know it is to "Pay it Forward."

Please click here to fill in your own tip, gift or donation amount

My Venmo is   Suzy-Woo 

the last 4 of my phone is 5013

 Thank you!  

Personal VIP Transformation Intensives

Venue: Beaver Hollow Conference Center, 1083 Pit Rd, Java Center, NY 14082

 (home of the Biggest Loser)  

Want to schedule a personalized, one on one full day or a two-day VIP experience with Suzy Woo?  This offering provides a completely individualized and custom-tailored experience.


This is available in a one day intensive, which is less intensive, because its only one day, and will involve plenty of energy healing work and custom coaching for more clear goals and seeing how to get there.

The full two day option will reflect the above weekend event information. Expect total opening, clarity, focus, direction and transformation.

The recommendation for these experiences:

Stay at the venue the night before; to allow yourself to settle in, away from your daily grind and the environment that you're used to, and and nestle into the middle of nature in your own private villa. You are safe and can reflect. This will help your mind, body and spirit set the pace to receive the information you've been seeking and allow the energies to begin flowing for optimum results!

Three catered, chef-prepared meals included each day that you get to choose in advance from a menu.

Two day (includes one night's stay in a private villa): $2377

One day (8am - 8pm): $1575

The dates of this experience will be scheduled with you directly and are not limited to weekends. :) If you need something in the middle of the week, we can do that!

Each of these can be reserved with a $700 deposit and must be paid in full 15 days prior to the event. To pay deposit only, just click to email me and I will generate an invoice.

We will go through all the energies in your personal astrology chart, and see how it measures up with your real/perceived goals, challenges/stumbling blocks, and self-worth.


We will be tuning you for healthy mind-heart coherence through conscious breathing, mindfulness and energy work including sound resonance.

We will be unlocking the information that is fossilized in our bone marrow and waking it back up, then tuning it to the upgraded earth's crystalline matrix.

Your energy is scanned and measured before, during and after; you get to see and keep the documented results!

You receive energy healing sessions, a cacao heart opening ceremony with sound healing that includes gong sound submersion and tuning forks, guided meditation.

I will not give you the answers. I open you up to receive clarity from your own guidance.


We open up YOUR pockets of wisdom and clean them out, then sort of reconstitute that matter, and bring massive healing to your nervous system.  The answers and guidance will come to you like rain all weekend via 'aha moments,' new downloads, new awareness, and epiphanies.

Are you ready to 'come online' and embrace all of who you were created to be?

Excellent for coaches, teachers, healers, practitioners and for YOU, regardless of your title. If it calls, it is meant to be. If you are looking for help opening up, and tuning in to your divine guidance, but also prepared to go deep within, this is for you!

All ORIGINAL material. Plenty of energetic "bookmark" keepsakes are given to you to keep and take home (ie, crystals from the grid and more).

Suzanne Suchan, Wedding Officiant in New York


Wedding Officiant Services    Starting at $175


I am an ordained minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry and the non-denominational Universal Life Church. The Universe includes everything and everyone; and is non-discriminatory, and that is how I live. I can perform religious or nonreligious Ministry/Chaplain services and provide Spiritual Counsel. All couples are welcomed.  More Info

Special & group Events


Businesses:  Corporate Events, Day of Healing, Employee appreciation, Holiday gatherings.

Personal/Private: Stagette parties. Girls night in/out. Birthdays. Backyard bash, themed parties..or just because!

It's always a blast to do a reading party or healing/pampering event! I am available for corporate and private events, gatherings, holidays, parties, galas, and special celebrations! I'm happy to entertain all requests and am available to travel! All options can be customized to fit your needs, goals, wishes and vision.


1. Group minimum = 5 people

2. A $50 deposit is required to secure your date/time. If you cancel within 20 days of the event date, the deposit is nonrefundable. Otherwise, the deposit is refunded on the day of your event.

3. Rates provided are for within a 10-mile radius of my office 3623 Eggert Road, Orchard Park. Travel beyond that can be easily negotiated.

Personalized Readings: $40 per person for a 15 minute reading.

Your guests have a choice between astrology or psychic/mediumship/tarot reading.

Gallery Style Readings  $150 per hour

This is for larger groups. Several people can get a brief (approximately 5 minutes) psychic/spiritual message. 

Energy Healing:  $220 for the first hour, additional hours $175

This can be group healings or individual abbreviated energy healings.  I bring the healing table setup and energy scanning device.

Gong Bath/Sound Healing or Gong/Sound Healing Lecture/Demonstration  $325 first onsite hour, Additional hours $175

Amazing anywhere... in the park, at the workplace or in the classroom. I bring everything to you. $325 covers setting up and up to 55 minutes of interaction. We can totally customize this to fit your needs or goals. We can do guided meditation along with the sound healing, or just the gongs. I can include the giant foot bowl, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and/or tuning forks too!  

Cacao Ceremonies: $30 per person up to 10 people, $25 per person for parties of 11 or more

Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours

Invite your group for a specialized, heart opening journey using the beautiful plant medicine, cacao. We can incorporate guided meditation and energy healing for a magical experience!  I provide everything necessary!

If you want to just order ceremonial cacao or a whole ceremony 'kit', I purchase in large quantities and can pass that savings to you! I can sell you the cacao and provide instructions, or I can lead your group.


I am a light worker, I work in the frequency of unconditional love. My work is always of the light and for my client's highest good.  I stand behind my work and work with the highest integrity. That being said I am obliged by law to state the following disclaimer.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  Holistic healthcare practitioners are trained specialists who use non-invasive holistic practices to create a healthy environment for the mind, body and spirit, and are NOT Medical Doctors. It is recommended to seek the advice of your physician or qualified health care practitioner prior to starting any new treatment and/or changing current treatment.  Holistic therapy is not intended to constitute medical treatment or consultation and is not intended to cure any conditions. Energy healing results may vary by person. Your outcome and results are not guaranteed. 

No psychic reading can predict or diagnose information with absolute certainly. Suzy Woo will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made based on information provided during readings.  Readings are for entertainment purposes only. 

Information you receive does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. 

Choices and/or actions based on the content of your reading and services received are your own responsibility. 

By purchasing a reading, you agree that your consultation is subject to your own interpretation.  


Outcomes cannot be guaranteed as everyone is different.


All sales are final.  Services are nonrefundable.


If you have an appointment booked and are a no call no show, you will be charge a $50 fee since that appointment was unable to be given to someone on a wait list.

By purchasing services of Suzy Woo you agree to and accept these terms and conditions.

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