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No matter where you find yourself in this great world - you have the opportunity to engage with Suzy and experience transformative results that resonate vibrantly across all dimensions of your life.

As Suzy tunes into your energy, she unveils the narrative of your soul, uncovering the lessons you're meant to learn and the wounds awaiting healing, which may stem from your childhood or even past lives. She has the unique ability to detect not only physical impediments and emotional scars but also negative thought patterns, energetic parasites and attachments.

Throughout this process, Suzy communicates with you, guiding you as she meticulously clears, releases, and purges these disruptive energies from your aura. Unlike temporary solutions like Reiki, the techniques Suzy employs are enduring, drawing from an extensive spiritual repertoire to offer you a truly bespoke and profound healing experience. Each session is distinctively tailored to the individual, ensuring no two experiences are alike.

This journey with Suzy not only fosters a deeper understanding of yourself but also reaffirms that your unique traits are not oddities but marks of perfection. You are, without a doubt, absolutely perfect!

Suzanne healing cover.png

Working with me is a fun, uplifting experience. No judgment. No doom and gloom. I am direct and no-nonsense, friendly and compassionate. No flair, no drama, I'm here to help you to grow and evolve. 

I explain everything on a ground level, plain and simple, so you never feel intimidated or lost.  

My goal is to help you to empower yourself.

Please scroll down the page for detailed explanations of services.  If you have any questions, please click here to email me.

You can be anywhere on the planet and receive the same quality services as if you were right in front of me.  :) 



Deep Energy Healing   $125

Readings:  30 minutes  $69

60 minutes  $110

90 minutes  $165

Complete Astrology Analysis/Personality Profile: $129 

Compatibility reading between 2 people $159

Bundle Specials:

30 minute reading + Energy healing    $169

60 minute reading + Energy healing    $220












Deep Quantum Energy Healing



About my healing work

Healing comes from creator energy, the source field, which is the frequency of unconditional love.  

Energy healing is holistic. Holistic healers look at the 'whole' person, a big ball of energy filled with life experiences. Every experience leaves a mark. I read the marks. 

I do not physically touch the body, I am working on your energy in the quantum field, a holographic universe.  This version of you, is another layer of you, way ahead of your physical-ness. If you have a physical symptom, the original energetic dissonance has existed in your etheric field for a long time, before it finally "lands" in the body.  

For example, think of a person who is fearful to speak up, who lacks confidence, who does not stand up for their self, and who doesn't speak kindly to their self.  They may allow others to dominate and overpower them.  They will likely have a tiny disempowered voice, resulting from an undercharged throat chakra, and will likely have a thyroid problem, growths or tumors in the throat/neck/lymph nodes, raw, scratchy, lumpy throat, etc, even shortness of breath. If this person learned to love who they are, and come into balance,  and say what needs to be said, the health condition improves or disappears completely.  

For a person with this type of 'outcome,' they probably had bossy, domineering parents, siblings or environment, where they were punished for speaking up, or suffered neglect and/or trauma and told to 'keep quiet.' They may have been told they are unimportant, and their needs were not met. They will go on to form relationships that cement that belief in place, by connecting with abusive, toxic, or otherwise controlling people.

When I work with a client, I find all these issues. I explain and correct them, and update their timeline. 

When we confirm your healing session, the framework begins immediately, even if our appointment is a week away. It's kind of like my higher self and your higher self get together for a chat. Then before your scheduled session, I connect with your energy and channel information that guides me on additional healing properties to incorporate, and I build a crystal grid. Yes, every single person receives a customized grid! 

You will get a verbal reading of your energy, and the story that goes with it. 


There are no restrictions on who can receive a healing session. 

Unless it is a life or death crisis, the intended recipient must give permission and be willing to receive the healing. You don't need to believe in anything for this modality to work, it is not based on any religion or belief system. It is scientifically proven quantum mechanics.


This work has shrunk tumors, brought long term grief to an end, minimized or eliminated anxiety and depression, healed skin conditions, reduces swelling, pain, inflammation, has prevented surgery, boosts self-esteem and confidence, brings forgiveness, increases self-love, improves relationships, success, and the list is endless. Many people even get a glow to their skin upon completion and one huge difference between my healing and reiki is that it does not wear off! Any subsequent session compliment the prior! 

Surface: Get ready for the ultimate energy cleanse and boost! Any stagnant or backed up energy will be loosened up and dissolved. Feel the layers of stress melt away! The purpose is to clear, ground and recharge your energy field, and reignite your body's own natural healing faculties.

Deeper: I go into your energy field (your auric field if in person, your location in the universal field/quantum space if remote) and eliminate what doesn't belong there, including recovering fragmented versions of yourself stuck in time due to traumatic experiences in this or prior lifetimes, and dead weight from subconscious thought patterns. I remove negative attachments and bring other versions of yourself, such as your inner child, into healing, then restore energetic balance, then seal it in.

Amplified: I further amplify the healing experience with a grid of crystals selected specifically for you. 

Post-healing, you are very likely to appear 'brighter' - your skin may get a soft glow!  Your friends and family will notice the amazing change in you and you will feel brighter, lighter, happier and things won't bother you the way they did before. You will be less triggered and more driven by your dreams, goals, and self-evolution!

Modality: Although I have attained Reiki Mastery, this healing modality is very different from Reiki; it employs a significantly "higher" frequency; and MUCH broader "bandwidth," using both; magnetic earth energy and electromagnetic frequency of the astral space.  Unlike Reiki, the healing you receive does not wear off. The "brand" of the modality I am using is called Star Magic Healing which I received my Star Magic Facilitator certification in Sedona AZ in 2018, and Facilitator Level 2 Frequency Upgrade in England in June 2019.  I also use Arcturian healing, arch angel healing, shamanic soul recovery and Munay Ki practices. 


Tuning Forks: I may also incorporate the use of tuning forks which is also proven just as effective as being in person. Curious how it works? Please see this video by Eileen Day McKusick.

Tuning forks are not recommended for cancer patients or broken bones. 


A healing session shifts and ultimately balances your energies.  You will have much more peace, calm, and clear thinking.  Your stress will melt away, along with a reduction in anxiety, depression and even physical pain.

It accelerates overall natural wellness and activates healing of your mind, body and spirit.

I unplug you from childhood conditioning of family, society etc, and plug your energy back in to the source energy you were created from. You are able to trust yourself more, and your intuition is enhanced. Some notice improved vision and hearing. 

It often reduces or removes swelling, inflammation and physical pain, and has minimized or cleared depression, anxiety, years of crying, low self-esteem and extreme stagnancy. Please see the client testimonials!

If you have a chronic or otherwise more deeply-rooted condition, have 'shadow parasites,' entities, or certain other complications, more than one session will likely be needed. But that first session brings tremendous, MEASURABLE results.  If in person, you will receive those scan results via email and be shown them after your session.  See some wonderful testimonials here.

Some people like to get a "tune up" once a month for a while. Some are happy with one and done. Some like to get another "top off" when faced with trying situations or to prepare for a big life change.  It is an individual experience, do as you feel is right for you. 

How to prepare: Please approach the wonderful world of healing and light work with an open mind. For a healing session please dress comfortably with non-restrictive clothing and have the desire to be well.  If you're convinced the world is out to get you, you're behind the 8-ball and you can never improve, you have already set your reality and I will not be able to help you. You have to be ready and open to receive healing for it to be effective and receive the best possible results.

Sound Healing (Tuning Forks)

Since everything in the body is in motion, and everything in motion produces pressure waves into the surrounding environment, it makes sense that there is actually an acoustic field of inaudible sound around each individual. 

I may incorporate tuning forks into your session.

Biofield Sessions provide a holistic approach for health and wellness.  Trauma, stress, and beliefs system blocks can be stored in the energy fields of our bodies impacting our ability to function at our full potential. These blocks obstruct the vital flow of energy though our body and energy systems necessary for health and well-being. Over time, this leads to illness and deletes our emotional reserve. Sound healing helps to restore these vital flows improving overall well-being.


 WATCH this video to gain an understanding of how distant healing works!

Scans Before and after Healing
Energy Healing
tuningforks closeup enhanced.jpg
You can purchase a time block for readings of 30, 60 or 90 minutes. A reading can use a blend of the following:
Types of readings I offer 

What is the difference? 


Psychic work uses senses above our physical 5. It is like your senses go hyper, through a zero point and become present in the ether.  Everybody is psychic. But for most, our environment, society, and the left-brained world has trained us to not trust our inner knowing, and to become passive and agreeable with what we are told, taught.  We are spiritual beings of light. To go within and reconnect with that light opens up our intuition. Psychic work connects soul to soul, person to person, holistically.

You can study about the "Claires." I am a clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairsentient (clear feeling), clairaudient (clear hearing) and claircognizant (clear knowing) psychic. I see conditions in the body, people's birth and childhood, life experiences and personal issues. I can see other timelines, I may feel pain in my heart if you have hardness, anger, lack of forgiveness or a big loss you are still coping with. I deliver everything that comes without stopping to analyze it. My job is to be a clear channel and narrate what I see to help you gain clarity and direction.  

Psychics sometimes use other tools like Tarot and Oracle cards, which I like to use at times. I use tarot cards to provide guidance on a situation or life direction.

Tarot Reading Watch your situation present itself right in front of you, with clarity. See what direction it's headed in, where you need to take action, and who is for and against you.  See who or what is supporting you, what is paying off and what you're made of. I often cap off a Tarot reading with an oracle card; which mirrors the reading you just had! A very personal, inspiring experience! Tarot is often part of a reading session. It is remarkably accurate.

Mediumship is connecting with those who have returned to spirit. Loved ones, family, friends, and often I will see pets. Usually confirming information helps you identify the person and then they will give you a message or some guidance. I often see items of theirs or what they did for you. 

Astrology studies patterns based on placements and interrelations between celestial bodies. If you ever ask someone who works in the Emergency Room, they will tell you how crazy things are on a full moon. Yes, we are very influenced and impacted by the planets. The planets, houses and signs all tell your story based on where and when you drew your first breath.  It is like a recipe card of the traits, behaviors, and lessons you are made of!   

Have you ever wondered why are you the way you are or asked yourself: I wonder if I'm on the right path?  What type of career is best for me?  What type of partner?  Your birth chart will tell you!  All of my clients find them to be astoundingly accurate and helpful, because you can uncover so much about who you are and reveal or validate some significant patterns and events in your lifetime. It's a phenomenal tool to help you understand yourself! 

I'll explain all about your traits and tendencies, hobbies and habits, your personality, temperament and other specific characteristics, including certain obstacles or challenges you may face or have faced in your lifetime.  I will also share with you in what area of life your calling lies, who you are most compatible with, ideal career paths for you, where your destiny and past life marks are, what it  means and how it plays out in your life.  



This is a powerful self-discovery tool that every person should have! Every parent should get their child's chart read to understand how they get along in the world, any tentative challenges, best way to get through to them, how they learn best, vulnerabilities, temperament, sensitivities and more.

It is jaw dropping to realize how much you can tell about a person based on where and when they were born!  To have the most accurate reading, having the time is necessary. We could still do a reading without it, but will not be able to know house placement thus won't be able to know your rising sign.  If you can get it down to morning, afternoon, evening, over night that will help.

Predictive astrology. What's coming up? With an astrology reading we will also look at your current transits; that is, what is going on right now for you, what areas of life are being activated, and what is in store in the next several months? A move, job or career change, these types of things show up in our chart.


Everything has a chart, even cities, countries, weddings, businesses and pets!  My dog Patrick, a Mastiff mix, is a Virgo.  He is nervous, sensitive, and never wants to upset me. My other dog, a Husky named Montana, is a Leo; and she is a sassy, bossy, big foo foo Miss Priss, it's all about her!

America's founding fathers very specifically pre-determined the signing of the Declaration of Independence (down to the minute) to fall under particular influences of the cosmic alignments.

For the most accurate astrology reading, you'll need to provide the date, time and city of your birth
If you would like a reading that measures compatibility with another person, bring that person's birth information with you; they do not need to be present. You can do this with any two people, siblings, parents, partners, etc.  With this, you can learn where are the sensitive spots, the sore spots, the conflicts, and what is needed to soothe it between two people.  My son always comes to me first if he is considering dating someone and I do the chart and a compatibility! 

Couples astrology
Suzanne Suchan Psychic Tarot at Tonawanda Castle

Tips, Gifts, or Donations   

I will often donate time or sessions to people in substance abuse recovery or re-establishing their life after domestic violence. 

You can purchase a service and just let me know it is to "Pay it Forward."

Please click here to fill in your own tip, gift or donation amount

 Thank you!  

Personal VIP Transformation Intensives

Venue: Beaver Hollow Conference Center, 1083 Pit Rd, Java Center, NY 14082

 (home of the Biggest Loser)  

Want to schedule a personalized, one on one full day or a two-day VIP experience with Suzy Woo?  This offering provides a completely individualized and custom-tailored experience.


This is available in a one day intensive, which is less intensive, because its only one day, and will involve plenty of energy healing work and custom coaching for more clear goals and seeing how to get there.

The full two day option will reflect the above weekend event information. Expect total opening, clarity, focus, direction and transformation.

The recommendation for these experiences:

Stay at the venue the night before; to allow yourself to settle in, away from your daily grind and the environment that you're used to, and and nestle into the middle of nature in your own private villa. You are safe and can reflect. This will help your mind, body and spirit set the pace to receive the information you've been seeking and allow the energies to begin flowing for optimum results!

Three catered, chef-prepared meals included each day that you get to choose in advance from a menu.

Two day (includes one night's stay in a private villa): $2377

One day (8am - 8pm): $1575

The dates of this experience will be scheduled with you directly and are not limited to weekends. :) If you need something in the middle of the week, we can do that!

Each of these can be reserved with a $700 deposit and must be paid in full 15 days prior to the event. To pay deposit only, just click to email me and I will generate an invoice.

We will go through all the energies in your personal astrology chart, and see how it measures up with your real/perceived goals, challenges/stumbling blocks, and self-worth.


We will be tuning you for healthy mind-heart coherence through conscious breathing, mindfulness and energy work including sound resonance.

We will be unlocking the information that is fossilized in our bone marrow and waking it back up, then tuning it to the upgraded earth's crystalline matrix.

Your energy is scanned and measured before, during and after; you get to see and keep the documented results!

You receive energy healing sessions, a cacao heart opening ceremony with sound healing that includes gong sound submersion and tuning forks, guided meditation.

I will not give you the answers. I open you up to receive clarity from your own guidance.


We open up YOUR pockets of wisdom and clean them out, then sort of reconstitute that matter, and bring massive healing to your nervous system.  The answers and guidance will come to you like rain all weekend via 'aha moments,' new downloads, new awareness, and epiphanies.

Are you ready to 'come online' and embrace all of who you were created to be?

Excellent for coaches, teachers, healers, practitioners and for YOU, regardless of your title. If it calls, it is meant to be. If you are looking for help opening up, and tuning in to your divine guidance, but also prepared to go deep within, this is for you!

All ORIGINAL material. Plenty of energetic "bookmark" keepsakes are given to you to keep and take home (ie, crystals from the grid and more).

Suzanne Suchan, Wedding Officiant in New York


Wedding Officiant Services    Starting at $175


I am an ordained minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry and the non-denominational Universal Life Church. The Universe includes everything and everyone; and is non-discriminatory, and that is how I live. I can perform religious or nonreligious Ministry/Chaplain services and provide Spiritual Counsel. All couples are welcomed.  More Info

Special Events


It's always a blast to do a reading party or healing/pampering event! I am available for corporate and private events, gatherings, holidays, parties, galas, and special celebrations! I'm happy to entertain all requests and am available to travel!


I'm happy to provide these via phone or video chat.

Groups rates / Parties and Events:

If you have a group of at least 5 people, the group rate is 15 minute readings for $40 per person.

A nonrefundable $50 deposit is required to secure your date/time. 

Corporate Events, Day of Healing, Employee appreciation

My rates to come on premise are $220 for the first hour, $170 each subsequent hour.

Cacao Ceremonies:

Invite your group for a specialized, heart opening journey using the beautiful plant medicine, cacao. We can incorporate guided meditation and energy healing for a magical experience! Group sizes from 3 to 75.  I provide everything necessary!

If you want to just order ceremonial cacao or a whole ceremony 'kit', I can do that too. Just email me here.

If you like, we can do online ceremonies.

I am a light worker, I work in the frequency of unconditional love. My work is always of the light and for my client's highest good.  I stand behind my work and work with the highest integrity. That being said I am obliged by law to state the following.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  Holistic healthcare practitioners are trained specialists who use non-invasive holistic practices to create a healthy environment for the mind, body and spirit, and are NOT Medical Doctors. It is recommended to seek the advice of your physician or qualified health care practitioner prior to starting any new treatment and/or changing current treatment.  Holistic therapy is not intended to constitute medical treatment or consultation and is not intended to cure any conditions.

No psychic reading can predict or diagnose information with absolute certainly. Suzy Woo will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made based on information provided during readings.  Readings are for entertainment purposes only. 

By purchasing a reading, you agree that your consultation is subject to your own interpretation.  

Information you receive does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. 

Choices and/or actions based on the content of your reading are your own responsibility. 

By purchasing services of Suzy Woo you agree and accept these terms and conditions.

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