Cleveland Moment
Cleveland Moment

Magical moment when the Universe said 'I have your back'

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Energy healing results
Energy healing results

Bioenergy field scans before and after an energy healing with Suzanne Suchan.

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with Robby Takac
with Robby Takac

with Robby Takac of Goo Goo Dolls fame, wearing a Love Shouldnt Hurt wristband

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Cleveland Moment
Cleveland Moment

Magical moment when the Universe said 'I have your back'

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Rev. Suzanne Suchan is a certified holistic practitioner specializing in

happiness and healing.

Hi there, thank you for visiting today!


My name is Suzanne. My mission is to people live their purpose.

The way to become present is to My methods are many.

ring you into energetic alignment. 

When we are in alignment, we find inner peace. We feel joy. We don't get triggered. We love ourselves. We are compassionate and forgiving. We are present.

The way we get from here to there 

Get a reading.

 - An astrology reading gives you a blueprint to YOU.

 - A spiritual /psychic reading provides clarity on your situation.

 - An energy scan shows your energy field and chakra conditions.


Get a healing.

- Feel the negativity leave your body.

-  Watch as you become "brighter" 

- Notice the shift in energy and perspective!

Get results.


- FEEL AMAZING and LIVE the life you were created for!

How deep you choose to go is entirely up to you:

* Spiritual, psychic, astrology reading

* Bio-Energy Field Reading (aura/chakras) 

* Energy Clearing and 'repair'

* Behavior Therapy

*Entity Removal/Space clearing

See more

Suzanne can help if you're ready to:

Drop the drama                                         Reclaim your power

Break unwanted patterns                        Love yourself (without guilt)

Dissolve negative self-talk                       Boost your self-esteem 

Quiet the mind                                           Grow confidence

Minimize chaos                                          Manifest the life you want!

All sessions are by appointment only. In-office, Skype, or Email- you will receive the same dedicated attention and results! 

Certifications, Accreditations & Affiliations

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National Council for Geocosmic Research

Star Magic is coming to NY!


       Book your seat now!

2-day Galactic recalibration

5-day Facilitator training

       (Save $150 with me)

1-day private healing sessions


Office visits by appointment only: 

3623 Eggert Road, Orchard Park NY 14127



What do clients say?

"I felt negative energy leaving my body!"   "I feel ...different.  It's good, but there are no words."  "I'm so much happier!"    "You are amazing at this kind of healing. Amazing!!!!"  "I love her enthusiasm"   "so easy to talk to"   "speaks from the heart"     "I play the recording to everyone I know because you were so accurate"      "spot on!"      "energy ninja"  "fun"  "Worth every penny!"  "informative"