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Deep Quantum Energy Healing



About my healing work

Healing comes from creator energy, the source field, which is the frequency of unconditional love.  

Energy healing is holistic. Holistic healers look at the 'whole' person, a big ball of energy filled with life experiences. Every experience leaves a mark. I read the marks. 

I do not physically touch the body, I am working on your energy in the quantum field, a holographic universe.  This version of you, is another layer of you, way ahead of your physical-ness. If you have a physical symptom, the original energetic dissonance has existed in your etheric field for a long time, before it finally "lands" in the body.  

For example, think of a person who is fearful to speak up, who lacks confidence, who does not stand up for their self, and who doesn't speak kindly to their self.  They may allow others to dominate and overpower them.  They will likely have a tiny disempowered voice, resulting from an undercharged throat chakra, and will likely have a thyroid problem, growths or tumors in the throat/neck/lymph nodes, raw, scratchy, lumpy throat, etc, even shortness of breath. If this person learned to love who they are, and come into balance,  and say what needs to be said, the health condition improves or disappears completely.  

For a person with this type of 'outcome,' they probably had bossy, domineering parents, siblings or environment, where they were punished for speaking up, or suffered neglect and/or trauma and told to 'keep quiet.' They may have been told they are unimportant, and their needs were not met. They will go on to form relationships that cement that belief in place, by connecting with abusive, toxic, or otherwise controlling people.

When I work with a client, I find all these issues. I explain and correct them, and update their timeline. 

When we confirm your healing session, the framework begins immediately, even if our appointment is a week away. It's kind of like my higher self and your higher self get together for a chat. Then before your scheduled session, I connect with your energy and channel information that guides me on additional healing properties to incorporate, and I build a crystal grid. Yes, every single person receives a customized grid! 

You will get a verbal reading of your energy, and the story that goes with it. 

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Suzanne Suchan Psychic Tarot at Tonawanda Castle
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