Body Consciousness Workshop for Weight Loss

Suzy is teaming up with Kunal for this very special method to help you lose weight. Kunal just completed this with 20 people, and here is what some of them had to say: 

"The sessions have been very intense for me. Kunal tackled the root cause of my lethargy which helped my lethargy intensity reduce from 8/10 to 4/10. I am sure I will start my Yoga session from today and remain consistent with them. I have lost 800 grams during the span of this course itself."

"The intensity of my MPI (Most Pressing Issue) reduced from 10/10 to 6/10. Craving intensity of eating chocolate also decreased. My experience of having food after the session was awesome. I never received so much of joy in eating my food. The Quantity of the food I ate was literally half of my everyday meal."


"My belief about building a positive image has shifted greatly. I have started to accept myself now. My body has become quite rigid in these years however after these sessions I have restarted my Yoga practice."

This Workshop is for YOU if:

1) You want to lose weight.

2) You wish to overcome the challenges of emotional eating, procrastination, cravings, lethargy and low energy.

3) You want to create a better self-image about your body.


What is this System?

This system is designed to create harmony with your weight loss goal with respect to your thoughts, feelings and belief systems.


This system creates an inner breakthrough in you, which helps you take inspired actions.


Inner breakthroughs are created in areas of


* Self Love                              * Self Image

* Self-Acceptance                   * Food Habits

* Emotions behind food           * Lethargy & Procrastination

* Belief System about weight

The System is designed in a way that it will address those painful areas which will make you more aligned with your goal. Once this alignment is done, you will AUTOMATICALLY start taking inspired actions to lose weight.

Workshop Outcome

You will learn the steps you need to take to overcome :

1. Overcome Emotional Eating
2. Go from Procrastination to Action
3. Reduced level in Stress & Cortisol
4. Create an Improved Body Image
5. Improvement in Sleep & Overall energy


All your commitment is - an hour and a half for five days!

Kunal will teach what to do and how to do it, we will do it together, and each session will conclude with a group healing session from Suzy. You can't beat that!


October 5-9 from 9-10:30pm EST  via Zoom

(You must attend live, no recordings will be offered.)


Consult Your Doctor/Counselor if you have any health issue which requires attention before you begin any emotional or energy work.  This is a healing course and does not prescribe or describe any gym workouts, diet, medicinal or any activities pertaining to weight loss.

Team work