Beginner's Guide to Astrology Workshop

with Suzy Woo

Wednesday, July 22, 2020   6-8:30pm EST

You can attend in person at the office or online via Zoom.

Astrology can tell us all about a person before we have even met them!

Astrology shows how people communicate and learn. This is especially helpful when working with children.

Astrology shows us what makes a person tick.

We can look at the charts of two people and tell if they are compatible. 

We can tell if someone is a good candidate to enter into a relationship with, or is the right type of person to hire for a job. 

Astrology can show you the best type of careers for a person, where your childhood wounds are, your life lessons, your greatest passion, compassion, mission and purpose!

What better way to learn then to learn all about yourself, with your own chart! Understand why you are the way you are. Get validation for traits and tendencies you have - it's in your chart!  It's quite surprising how much one can tell from a birth chart!


If you don't know anything about astrology at all, or consider yourself a beginner or advanced beginner, and would like to understand astrology on a deeper, more personal level, then this is the perfect workshop for you!

In person attendance is limited to 10 people. 

Reserve now!

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