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Before you order:
You'll need to know the TIME, date and city of your birth.
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When you order, enter your time, day and city of your birth.
I'll pull up the chart and record a complete reading in a video which I'll share a private link just for you, so that you'll always have it and can refer to, over and over, without even having to leave your home!
You'll also get the chart itself emailed to you, so you'll always have it!
Turn-around time 1-3 days.
Psychic Mediumship
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OPTION ONE:  Your Birth Chart and Reading

Your personal birth reading!  Find out all about YOU - a complete reading of your personal birth chart and what it all means, in detail. You'll also get a color birth chart emailed to you, so you'll always have it!


This is a valuable tool with important information about you; your journey - the theme of your life lessons, your destiny... something every person should have, and every parent should get this for their child to help understand how their child learns, interacts, how to get through to them, and so much more. 

You'll receive your own, private link to the video on my Youtube channel, which you can watch over and over, as much as you want!  The video will be about 20 minutes long with lots of juicy details all about YOU!

Order today for $75

OPTION TWO:  Recent, Current and near future reading

This reading tells you what's been going on over the past year, what patterns brought you to right now, and what you might expect around the corner.  What areas of life are being activated for you?  Can you expect a change in career, relationship, family?

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OPTION THREE:   You can have it all! Get a video reading of your birth Chart AND a current transit reading video - Get them BOTH and save $25!

Get both for $125

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1-Question Spiritual Reading          $29.99

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