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Ascension Plus: Advanced Level Spiritual Retreat Aug 18-20, 2023

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The Lion's Gate portal is a term used to describe a cosmic alignment that occurs when Sirius aligns with Orion's Belt which also aligns with the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza.


It occurs when the sun is traveling through the astrological constellation of Leo, which rules the heart, peaking on 8/8. 

During this approximately 2 week span, we receive tremendous energies from the cosmos to help us connect with our own higher self, transform our energies to that of a higher frequency, become powerfully heart centered, while being divinely connected.

Fasten your seatbelt.

This weekend you will experience one or more time hops,

learn about in-the-body ASCENSION and fast-track your spiritual evolution!

Advanced Level Teachings 

This is an Advanced Level weekend workshop created for those who have attended any of Suzy's retreats or VIP Intensives, or those who feel ready for this material and these energies.

What can you expect?

Past Life Regressions

You'll visit your own past lives during a past life regression

Time Weaving

Deep Level Healing with your most prominent past-life woundedness - we will reprogram the subconscious mind using your own past life wisdom to heal!

Ancient Sacred "Mysteries"

Removal of the Core-Fear Matrix

Infusing Christ Consciousness frequencies

Clearing your astral and earth static, pollution and entities that interfere with your "vision," reception, and overall purpose in this lifetime

Major Ascension Activations: Aligning and attuning to the Cosmic Rays

Understanding Soul Evolution and Initiations of Ascension

A Bit on Breath: Breathwork

Chanting: Exploring Mantras and Mudras

Learn what Power sounds, words and phrases are and how to use them

Mind-blowing Kundalini experience

Understanding The Ego, The Soul, the Logos and the Monad

Participate in a spiritual drum circle

Enjoy a journeying Cacao Ceremony

Create your own personal Sigil! 

Your own unique power symbols and planetary connection that was taught and practiced before being hidden from society by the elite.  

Outcome and results

You will learn how to work with your God-Given unique energy signature to flow in unison with everything on and off the planet - realize true joy.  Experience this bliss and learn how to take it home - incorporate it AS A LIFESTYLE!

Who is this for?

This event is for you, if you are kind, honest, and have an understanding of the chakra system. It's for those who are willing to be vulnerable, to stretch out of their comfort zone for a much greater spiritual experience. Those not in a victimhood mindset. Those who know there is more to life than just a meat suit, who are thirsty for next-level information and experiences.

This is a dry event - meaning no alcohol.

No negative egos. No comparisons, no judgments and no ranks. No one is above or below another. This event is for open-minded and open-hearted people who want to make a difference in their lives, and thus the lives of those in their circle, and want to participate in their own spiritual advancement, ascension, and help bring more light to our beautiful planet.

Forget everything you think you know. 

It's about to get really real.

Sound Immersion with Gongs and Singing bowls
Journeying Cacao Ceremony
A Suzy Woo 'Goody bag' 

this... is... more!

All Inclusive,
Pay One Price.

Complete ticket price, per person

Single occupancy room:     $997
Double occupancy room* : $788

  *Double room means you share a room with another attendee.
       If you wish to room with a particular registrant please enter that person's name on your registration form,
 otherwise, we will assign a room mate of the same gender identity (don't worry we are all amazing; we do not attract low vibe people!) 

Commuter Option:  Full experience with NO LODGING. 
Full Experience Commuter       $659

 Earlybird pricing is in effect through May 31.

Payment assistance is offered!  You can secure your seat right now with a $200 deposit, and have all the way until August  11th to pay it off. 

How to save money:
1. Go with a friend and get a double occupancy room to save $209.
2. Got a friend in Ellicottville? See if you can stay with them and get the Commuter ticket to save $338.

3. If you have ever been a paying client for a private session, you get $100 off the full ticket experience! (not applicable for commuter) Use the code:  SuzysClientTYGift  in the Coupon Code at checkout! 


CAcao Ceremony
What does it take to ascend?
Drum Circle at the retreat
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Lion's Gate Retreat Suzy Woo
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